Santa was amazing during his Mystic visit

The weekend of Nov. 25, our family attended Santa's arrival in Mystic. Even though they're just 5 and 7, my boys weren't clamoring to visit with Santa this year as they had been in the past. Mr. Claus was expected to depart at 3 p.m. so I brought the kids a bit earlier than that  to catch a glimpse of him before we got pizza and set up to watch the light parade. 

The line was still a mile long but Santa showed no sign of leaving until all the children in the crowd had a chance to tell him about their Christmas wishes. Once the boys saw the line and saw Santa, they decided that they wanted to talk to him. It was 4:30 when our turn came. Santa was still going strong.

After three and one-half hours of paying close attention to hundreds of children, Santa was absolutely amazing in that he still had the patience to listen to my three boys tell him in great detail about their dreams for Christmas gifts.

Santa, your kindness is amazing. It was truly a magical Christmas moment for all of the children you saw last weekend.

Beth Kimmse

North Stonington

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