We want your thoughts about comments on theday.com

All this month during weekly live chats we've been asking for your questions and comments. On Monday, we'd like to hear your comments about...comments. In our previous live chats, we have received more feedback about the comment sections on theday.com than any other issue. We'd like to know what you think.

Do you read the comments? Do you participate? Or do you stay away altogether? Does the anonymity let people speak honestly without fear of retribution, or does it foster too much negativity and hatefulness? Is there something that we could do better, or should we leave well enough alone?

As part of the ongoing Trusting News project, Digital News Director Carlos Virgen and Director of Multimedia Peter Huoppi will moderate a live chat about comments on Monday at noon on The Day's Facebook page. You can also submit questions and comments in advance on Facebook, via email to c.virgen@theday.com, or in the comments below.


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