Blight article blamed wrong people

The article “Business owners address downtown blight in New London” (Dec. 26) was nothing more than a “hit piece” against Coastal Digestive. The article led off referencing the unsightly appearance of the “front entrance to the Coastal Digestive building, 234a Bank Street."

Had Mr. Smith done one second of research before penning his article, he would have realized the front entrance he is referring to is not that of the Coastal Digestive building, nor is it the 234a Bank Street building. The entrance he references is that of 258 Bank Street which has been vacant for over a decade. Furthermore, Coastal Digestive is a tenant, not the property owner.

This, too, Mr. Smith could have easily clarified had he researched the subject matter before slandering a business which invested and established itself in providing medical services to the greater New London area for over 25 years.

If attracting businesses to downtown New London is a goal of the city, then incorrectly singling out business owners on the front page of your paper is probably a poor way of going about it. If The Day has any credibility left, it would print a correction and apologize to Coastal Digestive for a poorly written article.

Allan Taylor


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