Not sold on garbage bags for New London

I hope that the City of New London will consider options other than the proposed pay-per-bag garbage pickup. Bags are sloppier, more susceptible to damage from animal scavengers or weather, less ecological, more trouble for collectors, and less safe than bins for odd-shaped or sharp objects such as broken lamps or curtain rods.

The city has already invested in the bin pick-up system. When houses are close together, how would collectors know which bags came from which residence? Would people really generate less garbage?

Our previous community offered two sizes of bins, with smaller bins costing less than the full-sized ones. They also offered weekly yard waste pick-up, spring through fall, for those wishing to pay for it. A different colored bin was provided for grass clippings, leaves, branches, etc.

Charges were included on city utility bills. Many households would not need them, but we filled ours weekly. This probably reduced garbage more effectively than bags. Wouldn’t this be a better investment than a bag system?

Elizabeth Ring

New London

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