Think big, go big to grow Mystic

Mystic - Thinking (and Going) Big Way to go Mystic! 

I see great things happening in downtown Mystic. Examples include The Central Hall Project next to The Drawbridge, a new Bravo Bravo getting built and the eye-source house near the library under construction.

It is also great to hear about the four-story development as part of Henny Penny near the train station, The Whaler’s Inn updating plans, St. Patrick’s Church and the YMCA. 

It would be great if the Groton Town Council started thinking big and considered submitting a proposal to update River Road. They could research and consider including it within President Trump’s infrastructure plan. Yes, a reach, but this could compliment the ongoing development in our great town. 

Excellent job and keep up the great work! 

Kevin Bogle


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