New London school board should amend policies to exert control

The New London Board of Education has a couple of policies that need changing − transferring funds from budget line items and hiring.

After doing some research of surrounding towns, I found that most don’t allow monies to be transferred from any line item that is $10,000 or more without full board approval.

New London is unusual in allowing money to be transferred among line items without board approval. The board only approves line item transfers that are $25,000 or more. I think the school board needs to approve line item transfers that are $10,000 or more. This would allow for the board to have a better idea on how funds are spent.

Another policy in need of change is hiring. In my research, most local school boards approve hires that take place in the district, or at least are informed. In New London we are unique in that, over the past several years, hires have taken place without the board being informed or voting to approve, not even in the case of administrators.

The time is now to change both of these policies.

Jason Catala

Board of Education member

New London

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