Elites silencing voices of conservative movement

Quietly and under-the-radar, your friendly internet giants (i.e. Facebook, Google, You Tube, etc.) are imposing serious restrictions on conservative views, programs, and services. You know, just like your local newspaper does. They intend to suppress any opinion, fact, movement, or organization that refuses to sign on to the globalism and political correctionist rulings of the elites. And, of course, this is why they detest President Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted him into office and who will re-elect him in 2020.

Lately, these cyberspace monopolists have been busy little beavers erasing from their pages even the tamest tenets of conservative belief. Of course their bullying tactics belie a monumental hypocrisy − on the one hand hysterically demanding their own free speech rights while simultaneously denying those same rights to their ideological enemies. When challenged about their new policy of censorship, they naturally deny it, offer some lame excuse in the name of fairness or whatever, and echo the tired old line about a vast right-wing conspiracy.

In his last ominous warning about the future condition of the world, George Orwell may indeed have been eerily prophetic. 

Peter Wilson


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