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Recycle those bags

I am one of those people who take and use plastic bags. These bags carry my groceries home and are re-used in many ways once in my home.

Grocery plastic bags are re-used for donating items to charitable organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, where they're sometimes waiting to be picked up in all kinds of weather from the front porch, and for carrying to outside activities at Harkness Park. They are not just thrown out!

How do I get rid of those not needed or used? Simple, they are returned to either Tri Town or Walmart and put into their recycling bins. No extra trip is required. They are returned on the next shopping trip. Waterford, take note: “Waterford debating plastic bag ban” (Apr. 7)!

Don’t tell me plastic bags can’t be recycled. They can! Or is it just that people are too lazy to do it?

Mary Gadbois

East Lyme

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