Running not on labels

In a letter entitled “Send all Republicans packing next November” (May 24), I believe the author misses the point of elections and, by her own words, only focuses on two unnamed candidates. We may need new leaders, or new elected officials, but saying that half of the Senate, and just under half of the Connecticut House, needs to be sent home dismisses the opinions of approximately half of Connecticut’s elected officials and their constituents. 

Our elections and government do not need to be based on partisanship and labels. Connecticut has to be better and the leaders need to be optimistic. The residents need to know that Connecticut will be fine without tolls, a state can benefit from smaller government and union agreements can benefit both sides. Showing ambition to their constituents is good, aspiration is good, and a vision of more than welfare and debt reduction is also good. 

I chose to run for the 41st District not because of the party affiliation or its leaders, but because my ideas are different from the person currently representing the 41st District. I believe my ideas are better. 

Ken Richards, III

Candidate, 41st District House of Representatives


Editor's note: The 41st district includes sections of Groton and New London.

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