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The best Day photos of 2018

Over the course of a year The Day's staff of photojournalists take tens of thousands of photos.

It is likely that, over the 16-years since digital photography replaced film, the number is larger than it once was. Limited by the number of frames that could be recorded to one roll of film, and how many rolls of film could practically be carried at one time, photojournalists were more selective of how many times the tripped the shutter on their cameras.

The advent of digital photography has not exponentially increased the number of photos The Day's readers see in print, but the advent of web publishing has led to an increase of the number of photos the reader is able to see from any given event. One might argue we have diluted the product by this process, but I will contend, given that perception of quality in photography (as in any art form as well) is subjective, each reader may have an entirely different opinion from any other reader (or any editor at The Day for that matter) as to which are the best photos.

In that light, The Day offers you in this year-end season, a selection of our photos. In print, and online, you may view the "favorite" photos from the staff. This selection is made by each of The Day's staff photojournalists and is offered with their commentary on each photo. Additional galleries are posted here online, featuring a lightly curated selection of the "best" work from the staff broken down by news, sports, and arts photos.

The images included represent only a fraction of a percent of the photos taken and published by the staff throughout the year. We hope you enjoy seeing these photos, whether again or for the first time.

The Day's staff of photojournalists take it as our mission to document the lives and times of the people and events in our region, and state, with an attention to fairness and accuracy in the strongest tradition of photojournalism.

We extend our wishes to all our readers for a happy and healthy 2019 and we look forward to spending it with you.

The Day's photo staff

December 31, 2018


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