Pelosi's security adequate, not so for U.S. border

The political impasse over securing our southern border is beyond silly. It is hard to imagine that anyone in Washington truly believes our southern border is secure but, if they do, I suggest collecting the next 500 illegal aliens who cross our southern border and flying them to Washington, delivered to the nice new visitor center behind the Capitol Building − instead of being dropped off in El Paso, Texas.

Maybe a dose of reality would help Congress come to its senses. One can dream.

President Donald Trump has been in Washington for two years and during his campaign he was honest about what he thought we should do. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in Washington for 16 terms and it is estimated that we already have 10 to 15 million illegal aliens within our borders.

Talk is cheap and obviously ineffective. I, for one, do not need Nancy to preach to me about the "immorality" of a wall while she rests comfortably behind a wall of armed security agents. I don't begrudge Nancy's holiday break in Hawaii; in fact, I think it would have been nice if she stayed there.

W. Patrick White



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