What rights will face tax attack next?

Our very Constitution is under attack in the U.S. and certainly in Connecticut. House Bill 5700 is a slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners. It proposes a 50 percent tax on ammunition. The 2nd Amendment is a right not a privilege, and is meant to be free to all U.S. citizens. Safety comes with practice. The more expensive the practice in today’s economy, the less practice will be maintained for proficiency.

To make it more expensive to protect our families, our homes, and even others is unconscionable. Guns and ammo already carry an 11 percent higher tax rate than everything else.

You may not be a “gun person” but consider this; if this is somehow approved, what constitutional right that you feel is important to you, your family, our state or country will be next in legislator’s sights? Don’t be foolish and think it can’t happen. I never thought they’d try this assault on the 2nd Amendment and here we are.

Mark Kalinowski



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