Somers, be a hero, find road repair money for Groton

If state Sen. Heather Somers can try to find $10 million to support Smiler's Wharf, why can't she find similar funds for paving our streets and fixing our bridges? 

As everyone can see, the River Road and small bridge off of Route 27 serving Downtown Mystic are in horrible shape and need repaving. Many roads have not been repaved for the past 20 years and Somers knows this. Instead of working with the Groton Town Council, which she was a part of, she chooses to ignore this subject. 

However, she pledged to find $10 million in funding to support the Smiler's Wharf Project. I was actually a fan of the project but feel the developers should reduce the size of a few of these buildings. 

Somers and the Groton Town Council need to work on a solution to paving these roads. The small bridge referred to above was destroyed seven years ago and has not been repaired.  We need our roads paved and bridges repaired.

If money can be found to support an individually owned enterprise that benefits the owner, I am sure there is funding for our roads that could benefit everyone. Try being a hero.

Kevin Bogle



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