Groton officials: Dog park health concern not yet verified

Groton — The town's Parks and Recreation Department said Monday that a concern raised on social media about a possible health problem at the Central Bark Dog Park, located within the Copp Family Park, has not been verified. 

In addition, the The Ledge Light Health District, said it had not received any complaints.

"We learned this morning through a Facebook post that there is concern about a possible health issue for dogs at Central Bark," the town stated on the dog park's Facebook page. "No one has contacted the Town’s Animal Control Officer or Parks & Recreation Department regarding this, and the issue related to the concern has not been verified. Pet health and well-being is a priority for us. As such, we ask that everyone be mindful to pick up after their dog when they go to the bathroom. Also, as a reminder, to help ensure the well-being of all the dogs who visit Central Bark, please follow your veterinarian’s recommendations on vaccinations and appropriate time-frames for socializing very young puppies. If you have any questions please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (860) 536-5680."

A social media post from an individual, posted Saturday night, had advised people to avoid the dog park for awhile: "I know of two dogs that have passed away in the last week with in 24-72 hr of leaving the park. There is apparently a bacteria in the dirt. Complaints have been filled with the town."

But Jessica Patterson, community outreach coordinator for Groton Parks and Recreation, said that no complaints had been made to either the animal control officer or Parks and Recreation, but the town learned of the social media post Monday morning.

She said the safety and well-being of the animals and the people who visit the park is the town's number one priority, so if there ever is a concern, she encouraged people to contact the Parks and Recreation Department or animal control officer through the Groton Town Police Department.


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