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Much killing done in name of Christianity, that's the truth

Well, here we go again, more mass shootings by a white Christian nationalist. Just what frame of mind causes you to think you are superior? I will tell all of you, it’s your religion. From the beginning of Christianity you thought only your kind should rule.

From the butchering of non-Christians, i.e., pagan non-believers; to the crusades with their wars on Muslims; to the Spanish Inquisition, with hundreds of thousands murdered because they were accused of witchcraft or heresy; to the Jews being persecuted because they were "Christ killers" and thought to be inferior, blamed for the great plagues; to blacks marked as descendants of Hamm and so meant to be enslaved; to the extermination of close to 80 percent of Native Americans from the Spanish invasions of the 15th and 16th centuries, Christianity has cut a broad swath.

The blindness by the Vatican during World War II, our own government turning away a ship of Jewish Refugees at the time of the Holocaust, the acts of the KKK, Neo-Nazis and far-right wingers − you make me sick of the human race.

I could go on, but being an atheist, I have a target on my back because you cannot handle the truth.

James W. Holland



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