Chance Alaska meeting with 'Tundra' cartoonist featured in The Day

I’ve got to share an unexpected meeting I had while visiting Alaska last month. 

Arriving in Anchorage, we tourists were encouraged to attend the Saturday street fair that included dozens of vendors. After wandering among stalls of many lovely native crafts and artwork, I saw a sign that read simply “TUNDRA.” Even after being a fan of the cartoon for years it never occurred to me to question its name, but now I know that the cartoonist lives in the tundra area north of Anchorage! 

I told Chad Carpenter that I looked for his cartoon every morning in The Day in southeastern Connecticut. He genuinely seemed delighted that someone from so far away recognized and appreciated his work. Of course, he was there selling Tundra books all too large for me to carry around for my entire trip, so he gave me a small Tundra 2020 calendar. 

I am grateful to The Day for providing both Chad Carpenter and a delightful chance encounter! 

Diana Bortolin



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