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Don't be lazy and risk your child's safety

I recently witnessed a very disturbing situation. I was in a New London pharmacy and a child, maybe 6 or 7, asked me where she could find some articles in the store. I asked where her mother was. She said in the car.

Her mother was in the car? Why was she not in the store? This child is beautiful, polite and sweet. Once I made sure she was in line, I set off to find mom. She was in her car, texting, another child in a car seat. I tapped the window and told her about how beautiful, etc. her daughter is and said to take care of her. What I really wanted to do, which I would have done 40 years ago, is get in her face and tell her what I really thought. But, today, you never know what weapons someone may have in the car, or who might turn violent.

My heart was heavy. What kind of mother sends her child into a store alone? A lazy one. I'm sure she gave no thought about the pedophiles who walk among us and those who abduct children. Our children are gifts from God, and parents should remember that. 

May God bless you and keep you safe, little one.

Jo-Ann Arcara Craddoc




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