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Another tragic conflict of loyalties

It was 30 years ago this week that Sir Geoffrey Howe, Margaret Thatcher’s deputy prime minister said, “The conflict of loyalty to… the Prime Minister… and of loyalty to… the true interests of the nation have become too great. …That is why I have resigned. …The time has come for others to consider their own response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have myself wrestled.” With his resignation, the Thatcher government ended.

The parallel to today’s post-election “tragic conflict” in the USA is incredibly clear. For how much longer will party leaders choose loyalty to person over loyalty to country? Does the Republican leadership believe that if you do not like the results of an election, it is okay to discredit the whole process with unfounded allegations? The long-term impact to elections across the country will be devastating, the longer this continues.

A few Republican voices are slowly being raised, calling for the president to concede. But where are you, Sen. McConnell, Rep. McCarthy and Vice President Pence? Muster some personal courage, channel Sir Geoffrey Howe and place loyalty to country over loyalty to person. It is time for leadership to emerge in the Republican party.

Samuel T. Roudebush

Gales Ferry



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