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Columnist was right, Connecticut needs tolls

I applaud Paul Choiniere’s column, “Lamont was right, Connecticut needs tolls,” (Nov. 29).

I have an EZ Pass and effortlessly pay for the upkeep of other states’ roads. Other states collect revenue without toll booths.

I do not mind paying because I am using their roads. I do not understand why travelers from other states do not pay for the upkeep of our Connecticut roads. I know it is politically unpopular to reinstate tolls, but we need the revenue to fix our bridges and roads.

Even without the Republicans on board, it is time the Democrats show courage and do the right thing. The Democrats must use their new supermajorities in the Connecticut General Assembly to enact tolls so out-of-state cars and tractor-trailers pay their fair share of the upkeep of our roads.

Joseph A. Cipparone

Old Lyme


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