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Bumgardner would listen, current mayor doesn't

I ask you to support Aundré Bumgardner for mayor of the City of Groton. I heard a phrase that summarizes my reason for supporting Aundré: "One listens to learn; one does not listen to respond." Aundré listens; he takes in information, he hears what people are saying, and he pledges to make decisions based on this listening.

Mayor Keith Hedrick partially listens but, before you can finish your sentence, he responds, usually as to why what you are concerned about is either unimportant or will be dealt with at some future time. When I spoke with the mayor the other evening in his call soliciting my support, I raised the issue of short-term rentals. Before I could ask my question, he replied that COVID-19 was the reason the issue had not been discussed and it would be on an agenda. He thanked me and hung up.

I wanted to be heard not cut off.

To his credit, he sent a follow-up post card saying the issue would be discussed in the future. However, he does not know what my concerns are with short-term rentals. He responded without listening. We need a leader who will listen, engage the constituents, and work with them, not believe he knows what is best.

Vote Bumgardner March 8.

Carol Polifroni




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