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Poetry in a Pandemic: Acclimated to chaos

Wrapped in illusions, living vicariously

By electronic means, we are not aware

How rusted and rotted are the skeletons

That bear the weight of our communal life.

We fought for freedom and shredded

Every limit, tolerating no rein

On human desire, eventually finding

Much inhumanity in desire.

Our defenses lie in ruins.

We have, in our wasteful way.

Discarded those constructs, those mirages

Upon which we built the steel and concrete

Evidence of a common human identity,

An identity we have found no enduring will

To save. Not so much losing as capitulating,

We have become acclimated to Chaos.


Anita Dees bakes cookies and lives in New London.

Poetry in a Pandemic offers local readers a chance to share their poetry written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, email


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