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'News' story didn't read like straight news

After reading the Associated Press article, “Biden-Putin meeting: Getting the record straight,” (June 13), in the print edition of The Day I found myself shaking my head when I read Karen Florin’s column, “The Day delves into trust work: The more you know us, the more you trust us,” (June 13). Ms. Florin’s column lays out The Day’s new plan to “shine the light on our own operation” and “to work on transparency and trust-building strategies” in reporting the news. Kudos for the effort. I so look forward to implementation of this new plan. To get the ball rolling I suggest a simple quiz for The Day news staff.

Question 1: Is the AP article, “Biden-Putin meeting: Getting the record straight,” a) news; b) analysis; or c) opinion? Here is a hint – the answer is certainly not a).

Not being familiar with the AP reporter’s "expertise" on the subject I am not even sure if the correct answer could be b) since the cant of the article seems to be drenched in carefully cloaked c). But I am no journalist, so what do I know?

Michael Scanlon




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