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Frontline nurse says, 'Please get vaccinated'

One of the things I love about nursing is the people. Whether it is patients or colleagues, you always can learn something. We are all one family, in good times and in bad. It is the memories of the smallest of hours that can sear the deepest impressions upon your soul.

As we enter into more uncertain times with the dragon that is COVID-19, I can honestly say it changed me. Forever. I still see these patients in my dreams, nightmares in fact. I left the ICU because of COVID. It produced some of the worst memories of my 53 years on this earth.

However, I try to choose to remember the good about the patients, their loved ones and the rock star nurses who, at the last minute, gave me the 411 on paralyzing and proning patients in 15 minutes or less. The charge nurse who came by to check on me and on my patient, who ended up being proned. The priest who held me while I cried.

We all tried, and we continue to fight this beast. We all are in this together. One big, beautiful family. And because of this we will do better and kick this beast’s ass.

I am hoping and praying we learn. Please get vaccinated.

Kristine Cheruk




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