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Increase recycling, decrease litter

Notice all the trash sitting around your town? This is because pollution has been heavily increasing in Connecticut and is causing a serious issue. Connecticut is in the top 10 for the worst polluted ozone. A big factor in the air pollution in Connecticut is out of our control because of midwestern factories and wildfires whose smoke travels east creating a bad air quality where we live. However, we do have control over our plastic and trash pollution in our communities. Connecticut used to use more than 400 million plastic bags each year until they were finally banned but banning plastic bags is not enough. I ask each and every person to please recycle and help minimize littering and pollution as much as possible. Each year eight million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. Connecticut is on the coast and that means that each and every person can help. I ask once again that you help this cause in some way either by spreading awareness or stopping littering.

Kyle Brogden




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