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My Pet Pal: Roux

Hi, my name is Roux. Like my namesake I’m known for being saucy. I live with my parents in Niantic. We moved here from Brooklyn, N.Y. and I miss seeing my old friends on the block, so maybe I’ll make a new pet pal while I’m here. I enjoy long walks on the beach, trying new foods, and warning my parents when a stray animal has wandered into our yard. I am pretty stunning so be prepared to have people comment if I’m on your arm. My hobbies include running, sunbathing, and pretending I don’t hear people talking to me. Would love to find some pals who also love dining al fresco as much as I do!

Eva Wisiackas and Eric Kinniburgh



My Pet Pal is a reader-submitted feature that highlights local residents and their favorite furry, feathery or scaly friends. Send a photo of you and your pet, along with a short description of what makes them a great companion, your name and what town you live in to Include “pet pal” in the subject line.


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