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Editorial cartoon meant to rile people up

Sorry to hear of the retirement of the Editorial Page Editor, Paul Choiniere. The editorials were always well-balanced presenting both sides of the story. He will truly be missed.

What I am concerned about is the new direction The Day newspaper is apparently taking. The alleged "cartoon" in the Nov. 24 editorial page showed a caricature of an apparent Republican (GOP) with a smoking gun apparently killing a man of color on what looks like the steps of a public building, saying "it was self-defense. What is the point of the cartoon, except to imply the "GOP" are murderers? Are you trying to rile people up? Some people may actually believe this stuff. I have heard it said, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Having spent 26 years in the military in various places around the world, I know of no other place where our freedoms are more intact than here in the USA, and they are constantly improving.

W.R. Antonowicz



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