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The socio-political tragedy unfolding in Groton

As David Collins pointed out in his most recent column, “The new Groton Town Council forms a circular firing squad,” (Dec. 9), "... the new councilors can't seem to defer, in choosing a mayor, to the wishes of town voters. The ugly truth in the council's rejection of using vote tallies to choose a mayor is hard to overlook. The two highest vote-getters in November were a biracial woman and a person of color."

I urge all Groton voters to read the column and especially all of the comments, most of which support Collins' positions.

Catherine Pratt's resonated: "In a functioning representative democracy, the highest vote-getter would become mayor as a matter of good governance. Why is this not the case here? Whether party leaders or others don’t like Portia Bordelon’s passionate style is immaterial. She won overwhelmingly with the voters, who believed in her message of responsive and responsible government — that’s what matters."

Portia Bordelon is the most brilliant, charismatic politician we have had in Groton in years. If her fellow town souncilors cannot see this and do not vote for her for Mayor on Tuesday, tt will be a sad day for Groton.

Genevieve Cerf




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