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Fragile Biden, bully Trump, befuddled audience

The collective IQ of America dropped 20 points on Tuesday night as President Donald Trump squared off against Democratic challenger and former senator and vice president Joe Biden in Cleveland. A debate designed to offer intelligent discourse was instead absurd and pathetic. Three grown men talking at the same time is an unwatchable television event – and all three were at fault.

Moderator and Fox News journalist Chis Wallace lost control early and often. What I hoped would be a vigorous exchange of ideas on topics wreaking havoc around this country quickly devolved into an unbearable mudslinging session.

What I witnessed reminded me of two angry senior citizens, milking cheap bourbon and saddled up to some dive bar, reminiscing how much they hated each other in high school, while rekindling disputes about sports, who dated the prettiest girls, and who had the nicest car.


Donald Trump: If you’re looking for power, aggressiveness and self- confidence, then President Trump without question is your choice. His personality rubs a large chunk of this nation the wrong way, but there’s no question he commands the room, and there’s never a question of who is in charge. He dismantled the former vice president when they talked about the nuts and bolts of the economy and undoubtedly was more versed when the early conversations focused on the Supreme Court. He took a rock-solid stance on the police and demanded a respect for law enforcement. He also got the former VP to distance himself from the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.

Joe Biden: There was a question as to whether he would even be able to physically finish a debate and, although he looked frail and weak at times, Biden did manage to stumble across the finish line. Biden has a distinct advantage of being a polished professional politician and navigated Tuesday’s debate with a certain level of skill that the president lacks. He scored his highest mark with the line about COVID-19, “You don't panic, he panicked.” The former vice President will benefit from the public’s perception that he spent 90 minutes going toe to toe with a bully and never got his nose bloodied.

Cons (there were many)

Trump: The president played the part of a disrespectful, narcissistic bulldozer. It's impossible to imagine Trump convinced even one undecided middle-of-the-road voter to throw their allegiance behind him and the Republican Party, which should have been his goal. Middle America will not respond kindly to the constant interruptions and ruffian tactics the president implemented. Trump should have spent time watching Ronald Reagan to get a proper feel for a winning debate decorum. And can someone please tell me why he would not aggressively condemn white supremacy when Wallace, repeatedly, posed that question to him? If he denounces white supremacy, he saves his night.

Biden: The former vice president is fragile and looks and acts like an old man, sometimes confused and struggling to remember memorized talking points. I have zero confidence in his ability to lead this country and don’t trust the people he plans to surround himself with if he is elected. He was dismissive on certain issues and, when Wallace directly asked the former senator whether he would be willing to pack the Supreme Court, Biden unapologetically refused to take a stance on the issue. His constant muddled confusion on matters, particularly concerning stats and finances, is great cause for concern. Tuesday night did little to convince me that Joe Biden's cognitive skills are not in freefall.

In conclusion, there were no winners, only losers. The American people are left in the dismal wake of presidential debate failure.

Lee Elci is the morning host for 94.9 News Now radio, a station that provides "Stimulating Talk" with a conservative bent.




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