Book tip: "The Witch Elm" by Tana French

Book tip

The Witch Elm

Tana French

Author French takes her time establishing backstory in this astonishing psychological brain-melter — but luxuriate in her lush prose and character-sculpting. It's not a lot to ask; in fact, you'll fall into the trap of the story immediately, powering through the pages with the efficiency of a threshing machine. Your narrator is Toby, a happy and doing-just-fine art gallery publicist in his late 20s, whose life is literally shattered when he's brutally beaten in a home invasion. And THEN it all takes off. If you see the switcheroo coming in this one, then Nostradamus has nothing on you. Become a fortune teller. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful, disturbing, mesmerizing ride.



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