Book tip: "The Last Good Guy" by T. Jefferson Parker

T. Jefferson Parker had already written several books in his fantastic and respective Charlie Hood, Merci Rayburn and Allison Murietta series, won three Edgar Awards (which is sort of like Daniel Day-Lewis and three Oscars), and has sold more books than there are people in Mexico. Then he came up with an even newer character in Marine vet-turned SoCal PI/widower Roland Ford. This is the third Ford story and involves a runaway (or is she a runaway?) 14-year-old girl whose sister (or is she the sister?) hires the investigator to find her. Throw in a charismatic evangelist, a profitable, elite and highly secretive security company, an expansive fruit orchard, and a wealthy white nationalist looking for a last-hurrah statement — and Ford can only hope to survive to see how they're all connected. Character-driven with plenty of action and evocative SoCal scenery. 


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