Food tip: Tajin

If I told you that sprinkling a tangy/zesty chili powder blend over an apple or, say, a strawberry would taste amazing, would you believe me? I wouldn’t, and to be honest, when my husband suggested the idea, I thought he was crazy. But let me introduce to you the amazingness that is Tajin — a seasoning powder consisting of chile peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice. The powder is tangy and a tiny bit spicy and is used to enhance the flavor of fruits and vegetables. And for less than $3 for a 5 oz. bottle (found at Aldi or Target), it’s worth your minimal efforts to give this spice a whirl. Particularly, I’ve most enjoyed Tajin over a sliced McIntosh apple. So now, instead of dreading the fruit, I’ve actually been able to enjoy eating the prescribed apple per day.


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