Food tip: Raspberry Lemonade Cookie, Subway


Raspberry Lemonade Cookie, Subway

There are plenty of excellent bakeries around — and we're all grateful and indebted — but it's also true that the Subway folks make a pretty nice cookie. A new Eastery special cookie is their Raspberry Lemonade recipe, which contains hunks of candied raspberries and lemonade goop-droplets in a sugar cookie topped with even more sugar in colored-crystals. It's a pretty delicious collision of flavors when it all hits your tongue. Then it occurred to me that it's exceedingly sweet. Too much so? I thought about it a moment, ate the rest of the cookie, swept the sugar crystals off the table top and popped them in my mouth, then ordered two more. Yeah, it's sweet, alright. And a bargain at only 79 cents each!


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