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ECC to begin basketball seasons on Friday, Feb. 12

Eastern Connecticut Conference officials met Tuesday to finalize basketball schedules for the upcoming season.

The first day of game competition for all boys' and girls' basketball teams will be Friday, Feb. 12, four days later than the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference's allowed start day of Feb. 8.

Ledyard assistant principal/athletic director Jim Buonocore, who also oversees the conference tournaments, said the extra time would accommodate ECC schools who cannot begin practice this week because of remote learning.

The regular season will run through March 15, a mostly Tuesday-Friday format. Schools will play 10 regular-season games in most cases.

The ECC will be divided into two geographically-based regions, 10 in the south and nine in the north. Division I will feature East Lyme, Waterford, New London, Fitch, Stonington, Ledyard, Montville, St. Bernard, NFA and Bacon Academy. Division II will have Griswold, Plainfield, Killingly, Putnam, Lyman Memorial, Windham, Woodstock, Tourtellotte and Wheeler.

There are no crossover games between divisions.

Full region-based ECC tournaments are planned with a play-in round March 17, quarterfinals March 19, semifinals March 23 and separate championship days for girls and boys March 26 and 27.

League officials are in discussion with playing the finals Mohegan Sun, site of the last two ECC championships.


Subject to change

Times to be announced

Division I Boys

Friday, Feb. 12: NFA at New London, East Lyme at Montville, Bacon at St. Bernard, Waterford at Stonington, Fitch at Ledyard.

Tuesday, Feb. 16: St. Bernard at NFA, Stonington at Montville, Ledyard at New London, Fitch at East Lyme, Waterford at Bacon.

Friday, Feb. 19: NFA at Stonington, St. Bernard at Ledyard, Montville at Fitch, New London at Waterford, East Lyme at Bacon.

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Ledyard at NFA, Fitch at Stonington, Waterford at St. Bernard, Bacon at Montville, East Lyme at New London.

Friday, Feb. 26: NFA at Fitch, Ledyard at Waterford, Stonington at Bacon, East Lyme at St. Bernard, Montville at New London.

Tuesday, March 2: Waterford at NFA, Bacon at Fitch, East Lyme at Ledyard, New London at Stonington, Montville at St. Bernard.

Friday, March 5: NFA at Bacon, Waterford at East Lyme, Fitch at New London, Ledyard at Montville, Stonington at St. Bernard.

Tuesday, March 9: East Lyme at NFA, New London at Bacon, Montville at Waterford, St. Bernard at Fitch, Stonington at Ledyard.

Friday, March 12: NFA at Montville, New London at St. Bernard, East Lyme at Stonington, Bacon at Ledyard, Waterford at Fitch.

Monday, March 15: New London at NFA, Ledyard at Fitch, East Lyme at Waterford, St. Bernard at Montville, Bacon at Stonington.

Division I Girls

Friday, Feb. 12: New London at NFA, Montville at East Lyme, St. Bernard at Bacon, Stonington at Waterford, Ledyard at Fitch.

Tuesday, Feb. 16: NFA at St. Bernard, Montville at Stonington, New London at Ledyard, East Lyme at Fitch, Bacon at Waterford.

Friday, Feb. 19: Stonington at NFA, Ledyard at St. Bernard, Fitch at Montville, Waterford at New London, Bacon at East Lyme.

Tuesday, Feb. 23: NFA at Ledyard, Stonington at Fitch, St. Bernard at Waterford, Montville at Bacon, New London at East Lyme.

Friday, Feb. 26: Fitch at NFA, Waterford at Ledyard, Bacon at Stonington, St. Bernard at East Lyme, New London at Montville.

Tuesday, March 2: NFA at Waterford, Fitch at Bacon, Ledyard at East Lyme, Stonington at New London, St. Bernard at Montville.

Friday, March 5: Bacon at NFA, East Lyme at Waterford, New London at Fitch, Montville at Ledyard, St. Bernard at Stonington.

Tuesday, March 9: NFA at East Lyme, Bacon at New London, Waterford at Montville, Fitch at St. Bernard, Ledyard at Stonington.

Friday, March 12: Montville at NFA, St. Bernard at New London, Stonington at East Lyme, Ledyard at Bacon, Fitch at Waterford.

Monday, March 15: NFA at New London, Fitch at Ledyard, Waterford at East Lyme, Montville at St. Bernard, Stonington at Bacon.

Division II Boys

Friday, Feb. 12: Griswold at Killingly, Plainfield at Windham, Wheeler at Lyman Memorial, Putnam at Tourtellotte.

Tuesday, Feb. 16: Killingly at Woodstock, Lyman Memorial at Griswold, Tourtellotte at Plainfield, Putnam at Wheeler.

Friday, Feb. 19: Woodstock at Windham, Killingly at Lyman Memorial, Griswold at Putnam, Plainfield at Wheeler.

Tuesday, Feb. 22: Lyman Memorial at Woodstock, Tourtellotte at Windham, Putnam at Killingly, Griswold at Plainfield.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Woodstock at Plainfield, Griswold at Windham, Lyman Memorial at Tourtellotte, Wheeler at Putnam.

Friday, Feb. 26: Woodstock at Tourtellotte, Lyman Memorial at Putnam, Windham at Wheeler, Killingly at Plainfield.

Tuesday, March 2: Woodstock at Killingly, Wheeler at Tourtellotte, Plainfield at Lyman Memorial, Griswold at Windham.

Friday, March 5: Woodstock at Wheeler, Putnam at Plainfield, Tourtellotte at Griswold, Windham at Killingly.

Tuesday, March 9: Plainfield at Woodstock, Griswold at Wheeler, Killingly at Tourtellotte, Windham at Lyman Memorial.

Friday, March 12: Woodstock at Griswold, Wheeler at Killingly, Putnam at Windham, Tourtellotte at Lyman Memorial.

Monday, March 15: Killingly at Griswold, Windham at Plainfield, Lyman Memorial at Wheeler, Tourtellotte at Putnam.

Division II Girls

Friday, Feb. 12: Killingly at Griswold, Windham at Plainfield, Lyman Memorial at Wheeler, Tourtellotte at Putnam.

Tuesday, Feb. 16: Woodstock at Killingly, Griswold at Lyman Memorial, Plainfield at Tourtellotte, Wheeler at Putnam.

Friday, Feb. 19: Windham at Woodstock, Lyman Memorial at Killingly, Putnam at Griswold, Wheeler at Plainfield.

Tuesday, Feb. 22: Woodstock at Lyman Memorial, Windham at Tourtellotte, Killingly at Putnam, Plainfield at Griswold.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Plainfield at Woodstock, Windham at Griswold, Tourtellotte at Lyman Memorial, Putnam at Wheeler.

Friday, Feb. 26: Tourtellotte at Woodstock, Putnam at Lyman Memorial, Wheeler at Windham, Plainfield at Killingly.

Tuesday, March 2: Killingly at Woodstock, Tourtellotte at Wheeler, Lyman Memorial at Plainfield, Windham at Griswold.

Friday, March 5: Wheeler at Woodstock, Plainfield at Putnam, Griswold at Tourtellotte, Killingly at Windham.

Tuesday, March 9: Woodstock at Plainfield, Wheeler at Griswold, Tourtellotte at Killingly, Lyman Memorial at Windham.

Friday, March 12: Griswold at Woodstock, Killingly at Wheeler, Windham at Putnam, Lyman Memorial at Tourtellotte.

Monday, March 15: Griswold at Killingly, Plainfield at Windham, Wheeler at Lyman Memorial, Putnam at Tourtellotte.


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