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    Sunday, November 27, 2022

    NFA boys cruise to sixth straight ECC outdoor track and field title

    NFA’s Aldon Dawson pushes to the finish during NFA's record-breaking win in the 4x100-meter relay during Monday's ECC Division I and II track and field championships at East Lyme High School. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)
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    East Lyme — The last time Norwich Free Academy met East Lyme with an Eastern Connecticut Conference championship on the line, at the indoor meet Feb. 6 at the Coast Guard Academy, East Lyme one-upped the Wildcats to capture the league title.

    Let's just say that fact bugged the NFA athletes a little.

    "Of course. Of course. We're competitors so we want to come out and win," NFA senior Dangelo Aristilde said. "Show 'em what we can really do. We had our revenge going the whole offseason and the whole season leading up to this. I tell the guys every single day, 'Meet record every single time we step on the track. Meet record.' And we did that."

    NFA's 4x100-meter relay team, led by Aristilde, jump-started things Monday with a meet-record time of 42.94 seconds and the Wildcats went on to win the ECC Division I-II outdoor track and field title for the sixth straight season, finishing with 204 points. East Lyme was second with 95, followed by Fitch with 93 and Bacon Academy with 85.

    NFA's 4x100 team of Stephen Lee, Aristilde, Jeremiah Paul and Aldon Dawson broke the ECC record of 42.97 seconds set in 2013 by Ledyard's Joe Carter, Steven Servedio, Alex Paterson and Alex Hintz-Valdez.

    The Wildcats won nine of the 18 events, with Aristilde, Michaelly Luc and Glendon Dawson each taking two individual titles. Aristilde won the 100 (10.99) and 200 (22.18), Luc the long jump (20 feet, 9.5 inches) and triple jump (42-3.25) and Dawson the 110 hurdles (15.46) and 300 hurdles (41.12). Jayden Desilus (high jump) and Jordan Ribeiro (shot put) also won events for NFA.

    "I think that's something that they took personally," NFA coach Tom Teixeira said of losing the indoor title to East Lyme. "For me, I don't know. It seems like every winter they beat us up in the winter and then we come out and beat them in the spring."

    Teixeira called the 4x100 relay "a little bit of an electrifying start" to the meet.

    "You always try to come out the best you can and get a win," Teixeira said. "It's exciting for them. They get really jacked up for it. ... Every week from here on out (during the postseason) gets a little more uptight. It's kind of about them being able to do it without any help and they've done a good job. They've done a good job today doing things independently.

    "These guys are impressive. They've been through a lot. All the seniors in high school have been through a lot. They've pulled through really well and they're still able to show you all the work that they've put in."

    Luc said the Wildcats feed off each other's accomplishments.

    "It's like, 'One of my teammates just did that,'" Luc said. "It was all about us coming together. I think everyone really came out today and did what we needed to do."

    In other events, Waterford's Evan Piotrowski took the 400, Fitch's Thomas Forde the 800, Bacon's Ryan Moores the 1,600, Woodstock freshman Christian Menounos the 3,200, East Lyme's Nicholas Vogel the pole vault, Woodstock's Keenan Lamontagne the discus and Bacon's Jake Martino the javelin. East Lyme won the 4x400 relay with Lucas DeNucci, Shawn Henning, Kai Ritz and Brendan Fant and the 4x800 with James Chekal, Finian Gates, Nathan Bergman and Ritz.

    Forde won the 800 for the second season in a row, edging Fant by .53 seconds. Forde was a member of the Fitch boys' soccer team which reached the Class L state championship game in the fall. He is going on to run at Stonehill College, however, switching "main sports."

    "The first time I ever started track was to keep in shape for soccer," Forde said. "But my mom said it was always my true love from when I would just run around the block growing up. ... I was hoping for a faster time. That's the second time I ran 2:00 here (at the ECC meet). Same exact time. I enjoy running against Brendan. He's competitive always."


    NFA’s Jordan Ribeiro won the shot put during Monday's ECC Division I and II track and field championships at East Lyme High School. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)
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    East Lyme’s James Chekal ran the first leg on the Vikings' winning 4x800 relay team during Monday's ECC Division I and II Track and Field Championships at East Lyme High School. (Sarah Gordon/The Day)
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    At East Lyme


    Team Results

    1. Norwich Free Academy, 204; 2. East Lyme, 95; 3. Fitch, 93; 4. Bacon Academy, 85; 5. Ledyard, 68; 6. Waterford, 65; 7. Woodstock Academy, 53; 8. New London, 18; 9. Killingly, 16.

    Individual Results

    100-meter dash: 1. Dangelo Aristilde (NFA), 10.99 seconds; 2. Aldon Dawson (NFA); 3. Aaron Running (B); 4. Noah Colangelo (K); 5. Charlie Tarbox (F); 6. Zaire Wallace (NFA); 7. Jackson Poulton (L); 8. Braedon Emerson (WA).

    200: 1. Dangelo Aristilde (NFA), 22.18; 2. Jeremiah (NFA); 3. Noah Colangelo (K); 4. Charles Tarbox (F); 5. Evan Piotrowski (W); 6. Jeffrey Phongsa (WA); 7. Oakley Garrison (F); 8. Zaire Wallace (NFA).

    400: 1. Evan Piotrowski (W), 51.19; 2. Michaelly Luc (NFA); 3. Daniel Blanda (B); 4. Kai Ritz (EL); 5. Charles Cabusao (F); 6. Lucas DeNucci (EL); 7. Earl Louis (NFA); 8. Shane Baran (NFA).

    800: 1. Thomas Forde (F), 2:00.20; 2. Brendan Fant (EL); 3. Ian Hoffman (WA); 4. Auguste Estriplet (L); 5. Ethan Manfredi (NFA); 6. Roodley Merillo (NL); 7. Viraj Bokhira (F); 8. Ryan Anderson (NFA).

    1,600: 1. Ryan Moores (B), 4:30.11; 2. Brendan Fant (EL); 3. Ryan Dunning (F); 4. Ethan Manfredi (NFA); 5. Tyler Crabb (NFA); 6. Vincente Bastura (WA); 7. Theodore Bergman (EL); 8. Sawyer Barile (NFA).

    3,200: 1. Christian Menounos (WA), 10:02.52; 2. Sean McCauley (EL); 3. Carson Riley (F); 4. Tyler Crabb (NFA); 5. Ryan Moores (B); 6. Ryan Dunning (F); 7. Noah Krishnaswami (EL); 8. Patrick Croughwell (NFA).

    110 hurdles: 1. Glendon Dawson (NFA), 15.46; 2. Elliot Childs (W); 3. Jonas Regondola (L); 4. Scott Kardys (B); 5. Kevin Kilcomons (W); 6. John-Emren Victorino (L); 7. Kheaven Kershaw (F).

    300 hurdles: 1. Glendon Dawson (NFA), 41.12; 2. Elliot Childs (W); 3. Kevin Kilcomons (W); 4. Mathew Leone (EL); 5. John-Emren Victorino (L); 6. Silas Strandson (WA); 7. Jonas Regondola (L); 8. Alexis Torruellas (NL).

    4x100 relay: 1. NFA (Stephen Lee, Dangelo Aristilde, Jeremiah Paul, Aldon Dawson), 42.94 (meet record, old mark 42.97 by Ledyard in 2013); 2. Fitch; 3. Waterford; 4. East Lyme; 5. Ledyard; 6. New London; 7. Bacon.

    4x400 relay: 1. East Lyme (Lucas DeNucci, Shawn Henning, Kai Ritz, Brendan Fant), 3:29.93; 2. NFA; 3. Fitch; 4. Bacon; 5. Ledyard; 6. New London; 7. Woodstock; 8. Waterford.

    4x800 relay: 1. East Lyme (James Chekal, Finian Gates, Nathan Berman, Kai Ritz), 8:33.55; 2. NFA; 3. Ledyard; 4. Waterford; 5. Bacon; 6. Woodstock.

    High jump: 1. Jayden Desilus (NFA), 6 feet; 2. Nicholas Vogel (EL); 3. Peter Walsh (B); 4. Noah Colangelo (K); 5. Marvin Barthold (NFA); 6. Peyton Adams (B); 7. Gianni Colebut (F); 8. Nathan Booth (W).

    Long jump: Michaelly Luc (NFA), 20-9.5; 2. Jacob Lenz (L); 3. Aldon Dawson (NFA); 4. Jeremiah Paul (NFA); 5. James Green (L); 6. Timothy Miller (F); 7. Zayshawn Griffin (F); 8. Jonathan Booth (W).

    Triple jump: 1. Michaelly Luc (NFA), 42-3.25; 2. Lio Griffin-Hill (NL); 3. Christian Wiltshire (L); 4. Jayden Desilus (NFA); 5. Derek Rivera (W); 6. Shawn Henning (EL); 7. Zayshawn Griffin (F); 8. Jacob Lenz (L).

    Discus: 1. Keenan Lamontagne (WA), 153-1; 2. Jordan Ribeiro (NFA); 3. Jake Martino (B); 4. Hunter Piscatelli (F); 5. Peter Walsh (B); 6. Mason Holt (NFA); 7. Thomas Matlock (EL); 8. Skylar Noland (F).

    Javelin: 1. Jake Martino (B), 152-10; 2. Peter Walsh (B); 3. Peyton Adams (B); 4. Charles Cabusao (F); 5. Daniel Girard (W); 6. Nathan Booth (W); 7. Collin Riley (F); 8. Chase Young (WA).

    Shot put: 1. Jordan Ribeiro (NFA), 49-5.5; 2. Keenan Lamontagne (WA), 3. Thomas Matlock (EL); 4. Damon Haley (F); 5. Mason Holt (NFA); 6. Skylar Noland (F); 7. Jackson Poulton (L); 8. Dante Gigliotti (NFA). 

    Pole vault: 1. Nicholas Vogel (EL), 12-0; 2. Ryan Tomis (L); 3. Elias Farhad (NFA); 4. Derek Osborne (F); 5. Gage Weber (NFA); 6. Ian Hoffman (WA); 7. Douglas Sattler (L); 8. Luca Viviano (L).


    Team Results

    1. East Lyme, 155.50; 2. Norwich Free Academy, 126; 3. Woodstock Academy, 99; 4. Ledyard, 92; 5. Bacon Academy, 69; 6. New London, 45; 7. Waterford, 43; 8. Killingly, 37.50; 9. Fitch, 32.

    Individual Results

    100-meter dash: 1. May Inyang (L), 12.65 seconds; 2. Jasmyn Bransford (NFA); 3. Amaris Johnson (F); 4. Shanaya Brown (K); 5. Karen Johnson-Hoffman (F); 6. Juliet Allard (WA); 7. Caroline Holmberg (NFA).

    200: 1. Jasmyn Bransford (NFA), 25.97; 2. May Inyang (L); 3. Shanaya Brown (K); 4. Akheena Farrior-Parcak (NL); 5. Lauren Hinckley (EL); 6. Amaris Johnson (F); 7. Anissah White (NL); 8. Isabella Kimball (W).

    400: 1. Ava Pitruzzello (EL), 1:01.39; 2.Saniyah Otero (B); 3. Ella Stephenson (L); 4. Sofia Ayer (NFA); 5. Talia Tremblay (WA); 6. Emma Devito (W); 7. Chloe Senat (NFA); 8. Sarina McCollum (EL).

    800: 1. Jordan Malloy (B), 2:20.39; 2. Kate Littler (L); 3. Linsey Arends (WA); 4. Emma Forde (F); 5. Alyssa Newsom (NFA); 6. Leah Castle (WA); 7. Kayleigh Jensen (EL).

    1,600: 1. Jordan Malloy (B), 5:15.61; 2. Sophia Jones (NFA); 3. Avery Anderson (B); 4. Kennedy Holsapple (EL); 5. Clare Inyang (L); 6. Leah Castle (WA); 7. Lauren Brule (WA); 8. Caroline Daugherity (EL).

    3,200: 1. Avery Maise (W), 11:41.58; 2. Jordan Malloy (B); 3. Izzy Paggioli (EL); 4. Victoria Schweitzer (L); 5. Julia Coyle (WA); 6. Lauren Brule (WA); 7. Avery Widlicka (L); 8. Maya D'Aquila (EL).

    100 hurdles: 1. Isabella Sorrentino (WA), 16.34; 2. Kmara Royster (NL); 3. Megan Braga (B); 4. Julia Cameron (W); 5. Gretchen Irwin (L); 6. Madelyn Myers (W); 7. Sophia Seguin (EL); 8. Hannah Thomas (F).

    300 hurdles: 1. Juliet Allard (WA), 48.20; 2. Kmara Royster (NL); 3. Sophia Seguin (EL); 4. Kaitlyn Titus (NFA); 5. Tatiana Jones (NFA); 6. Hannah Thomas (F); 7. Megan Braga (B); 8. Colleen Corman (W).

    4x100 relay: 1. East Lyme (Lauren Hinckley, Abigail Jorgenson, Sydney Arustei, Grace Wadsworth), 51.59; 2 New London; 3. Fitch; 4. Waterford; 5. Ledyard; 6. NFA; 7. Woodstock; 8. Bacon.

    4x400 relay: 1. New London (Leilani Robinson, Kmara Royster, Anissah White, Akheena Farrior-Parcak), 4:15.22; 2. Ledyard; 3. NFA; 4. East Lyme; 5. Woodstock; 6. Fitch; 7. Waterford; 8. Bacon.

    4x800 relay: 1. Ledyard (Victoria Schweitzer, Clare Inyang, Ella Stephenson, Kate Littler), 9:54.63; 2. NFA; 3. Woodstock; 4. Waterford; 5. East Lyme; 6. Fitch.

    High jump: 1. Jillian Edwards (WA), 4 feet, 10 inches; 2. Juliette Savignac (NFA); 3. (tie) Katherine Poirier (K) and Grace Blackwood (EL); 5. Serenity Lawrence (NL); 6. Isabella Schweitzer (L); 7. Madison Simone (B); 8. Katherine Murphy (EL).

    Long jump: 1. Jasmyn Bransford (NFA), 17-9; 2. May Inyang (L); 3. Shanaya Brown (K); 4. Jayla Washington (EL); 5. Isabel Pazzaglia (EL); 6. Cynthia Deneus (NFA); 7. Isabella Sorrentino (WA); 8. Katherine Murphy (EL).

    Triple jump: 1. Lauren Hinckley (EL), 34-8.5; 2. Sophia Seguin (EL); 3. Reegan Reynolds (WA); 4. Isabella Schweitzer (L); 5. Cynthia Deneus (NFA); 6. Ailish Farquhar (L); 7. Ella Chiasson (EL); 8. Angelyn Rodriguez (B).

    Discus: 1. Hannah Graham (NFA), 118-1; 2. Savannah Soleau (EL); 3. Magdalena Myslenski (WA); 4. Jennifer Whipple (B); 5. Sophia Quinn (WA); 6. Hannah Grudzien (K); 7. Isabella Bogue (EL); 8. Lacey-Lee Keramidas (EL).

    Javelin: 1. Sjodin Fedikovich (EL), 108-0; 2. Savannah Soleau (EL); 3. Hannah Grudzien (K); 4. Kate Lange (W); 5. Aubrey Jorgensen (EL); 6. Hailey DeNucci (EL); 7. Chloe Vaglio (EL); 8. Magdalena Myslenski (WA).

    Shot put: 1. Savannah Soleau (EL), 38-6-5; 2. Jennifer Whipple (B); 3. Hannah Grudzien (K); 4. Isabella Sorrentino (WA); 5. Jaelyn Burage (F); 6. Hannah Graham (NFA); 7. Nicole Walker (L)); 8. Bayla McCaffrey (EL).

    Pole vault: 1. Alexis Boyer (NFA), 9-6; 2. Delaney Phelps (NFA); 3. (tie) Lacey-Lee Keramidas (EL) and Sjodin Fedikovich (EL); 5. Elya Anor (NFA); 6. Magdalena Myslenski (NFA); 7. Eve Slemp (EL); 8. Kathryn Gieleghem (L).

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