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Ledyard Glacial Park

The Ledyard Glacial Park trailhead on Whalehead Road.
The Ledyard Glacial Park trailhead on Whalehead Road.

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Ledyard Glacial Park
Town: Ledyard

Directions: Take I-95 to exit 88. Go north on Route 117 for 3.8 miles. Turn left on Sandy Hollow Road and go 2.2 miles. Turn left on Whalehead Road and go 0.4 miles.
Where to Park: A dirt parking lot is located just off the Whalehead Road to the right.
Description: A short loop trail winds through stunning rock formations created 13,000 years ago by a melting glacier. You will walk past (and sometimes climb over) boulders ranging in size from beach balls to buses. The main loop trail of about 3/4 mile rises up about 150 feet before dropping down into a ravine through a field of boulders. An alternate loop of similar length skirts the edge of the boulder moraine.
Regulations: None posted.
Amenities: Benches overlooking the boulders.
Natural Features: The boulder field is part of an end moraine: a rocky belt stretching for several miles across the town. The moraine was formed when the edge of a melting glacier stopped for a period of time, depositing a pile of rocky debris in one location.
Fees: Free.
Things to Note: The trail can be hard to follow. Pay attention to blue blazes on trees and rocks. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, as the trail through the boulder field requires climbing over and around boulders that are 3-4 feet tall.

Owned by: Town of Ledyard
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