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    Thursday, August 18, 2022

    Voter registrar system needs major overhaul

    With amusement and sadness I read the editorial, "Registrar system needs oversight," (Nov. 20). As a now unaffiliated outgoing Registrar of Voters in North Stonington (following plus nine years as a Democrat), my opinion on this subject goes beyond the article.

    How does one retain the support of a political party that must put your name forward as registrar and also abide by your superior's (the Secretary of the State's) regulations that require you to be nonpartisan in your official duties?

    There are towns where the two major party registrars barely speak to one another. Admittedly, the quality of registrars' professionalism has improved over the past 10 years but, obviously, not enough. There should be clear standards set forth regarding the abilities and skills required for this job. Having two or more people share one position - particularly under political duress - and expecting positive outcomes is naive.

    The role of a registrar in each town/city who has both the education and skills this position deserves is critical. Political infighting in legislatures - national, state and local - is offensive, but to have this happening within the department that controls voter lists and elections is criminal. Connecticut's laws governing the hiring of registrars should be changed before elections in 2015.