Trump loyalists a shrinking species

Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls,” (Aug. 8), means he’s not looking at the thousands of transgender troops now serving this country. His transgender ban both is what it is and what it isn’t. Consultation with military staff and overwhelming cost? Yeah, and then you wake up if you’re Mr. Trump or return from vacation if you’re Defense Secretary J. Mattis who was “consulted,” — more like “revolted” — having to explain this to his transgender troops currently serving with pride.

Trump gained national notoriety in “The Apprentice” television show with “you’re fired,” now serving him well in his revolving door administration. But it’s really the competing “Survivor” reality show that most resembles the current lot, coasting from one controversy to another that’s effectively buried the Russian meddling scandal only now getting the attention it deserves. Trump ended up with the presidency, but six months into it, it must be nice watching Republican congressional leaders slowly come around to the sinking ship realization that they’ll go down with if they remain on board. John Mellencamp’s “Crumblin’ Down:" “When the walls, come tumblin’ down.” Sweet music indeed.

Jay Lustgarten


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