Too much brass at the Post Office

The other day at my store on Broad Street, New London I see my mail carrier being followed by couple of supervisors with clip boards. This is the third time. Maybe there are too many bosses and supervisors in the Post Office.

Is this why they keep going up on the price to mail letters and packages, to pay for pen pushers or to pay for delivery of Amazon packages on Sundays? It may be time to check what goes on behind closed doors at the Post Office.

As my postal carrier waits for the walk light to turn to cross, his monitors walk into moving traffic, not waiting for the walk light. Is this so want can get more production out of their mail carriers? Do they want to push them faster and maybe give them more stops? I don't believe it is necessary to be followed three times a year.

You also don't see the supervisors out there in the rain or snow storms. They must be tucked away in their offices. And why two supervisers? Put the clip boards away and grab a bag and let's keep mail prices down. I think this would be a good idea to have columnist David Collins check out and get the scoop. 

Stephen Linicus

New London

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