Media spotlight won't help stop insensitivity

Regarding Mr. DiMauro's blather concerning the Lyme-Old Lyme soccer team, I would like to point out that taking a group of teenagers to task for quoting a campaign slogan of a duly elected president, partly on the basis that the slogan itself represents "a one-digit salute to Lady Liberty," is to hold them to an unreasonable standard (“Don’t let racism become normalized, please,” Oct. 5). While I agree their gesture was insensitive and mean, I do not agree that to handle this issue outside the media spotlight is "gutless," or that players are hiding "behind mommy and daddy."

What kind of healing could come of these players talking to reporters about who they are, how they "came upon the idea," if "racial epithets are used" in their houses, or (please) if they think they "are clever?" DiMauro illustrates exactly how little good might come of involving the media.

Please allow these players to talk with each other, as they should, without shaming them for shutting you out of the process, Mr. DiMauro. Running the other way when you come calling is not "running from debate": In this case, it's a singular example of good sense.

I teach art at Lyme/Old Lyme High School.

William Allik


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