NL school board needs to regain power

The Board of Education must regain its power to oversee the schools and ensure school business is conducted in ethical, legal and responsible ways. We can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge is broken. Jason Catala, Jasmine Collins and Kathy Skrabacz are running on a platform of transparency and honesty. Any hint of impropriety is inappropriate and a conflict of interest involving a Board member is more than a hint! Board members and school employees should not do business with the New London schools.

The superintendent of schools reports to the Board of Education, which has final approval of school matters. All administration hires should be approved by the full board with input from the citizens of New London. A small group of board members cannot make such an important decision unilaterally.

The Board of Education has oversight for school system spending. This doesn’t mean short-changing students but spending money wisely and efficiently by approving evidence-based curriculums, putting school purchases out to bid, hiring more direct service staff and less administrators, and buying school-wide supplies in bulk. The board and New London populace should know what school budget money is being spent on. The students deserve it! 

Maureen F. Shea

New London

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