Re-elect entire Reemsnyder-Nosal team in Old Lyme

I write to urge the re-election of the entire Reemsnyder – Nosal team as Old Lyme selectmen. Mary Jo’s complete devotion to her position of selectwoman is unequalled in my memory. Part of her responsibility was overseeing the Hartford Avenue improvements at Sound View. Mary Jo was on site every day, overseeing the contractors’ work and reporting back. Mary Jo has attended nearly every Zoning Commission meeting, not to interfere, but to acquaint herself with local land use issues. She is always available to discuss town affairs and concerns. 

Whenever Mary Jo is approached by a concerned resident, she answers all questions promptly and will find the correct answer if she doesn’t already know it. Her approachable manner, her eagerness to find sensible solutions, her astonishing work ethic, and her willingness to help residents all exhibit her love and concern for Old Lyme. We are lucky to have Mary Jo as selectwoman and should re-elect her on Nov. 7. 

Jane Cable

Old Lyme

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