Need for changing leadership in Old Lyme

I have been approached over the last three months by people inquiring about our town Republican Town Committee support for Jude Read and Chris Kerr for our selectmen. I have had the pleasure to serve with both on the Board of Finance, and I have very strong respect for their management abilities and their independent thinking. We will need both here in Old Lyme as we continue to navigate large town issues. 

In the last four years, we have had such major items as sewers, control of health services, unsatisfactory police service, and blighted properties in need of improvement. In each of these cases, we still need long-term solutions, after several years. Many solutions proposed involve loss of local control of what seem to be fundamentally local responsibilities for a town our size. 

Jude and Chris each have successful small business experience. Their skills equip them well for the change in leadership needed to reduce nonessential initiatives or grant-driven work and focus on projects identified as priorities by the Old Lyme voters. I urge Old Lyme to join me in voting Nov. 7 for Jude and Chris! 

J. David Kelsey

Chair, Old Lyme Republican Town Committee

Old Lyme

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