Stonington incumbent wants best from all parties

Let’s work together. Congratulations to The Day for setting the right tone for the Stonington municipal elections, “Campaign cash kerfuffle in Stonington,” (Oct. 6).

We tried to set the tone with our campaign palm card and mailing last month, where we said:

“The Simmons/Prue Team pledges that we will not let the Town of Stonington fall into the same bitterly partisan camps that have disrupted Hartford and Washington, D.C. Our goal is to attract the best and the brightest from Republican, Democrat and Unaffiliated ranks to serve the town.”

We went on to say:

“A lot can be done by working together. We will grow the grand list after years of stagnation; renovate our two elementary schools; build the Mystic River Boathouse Park; eliminate expensive lawsuits inherited from prior administrations; build a Geriatric Center on Perkins Farm; and faithfully follow Stonington’s Plan of Conservation & Development.”

My veterans license plate is “Gung Ho,” which comes from the Chinese "gung he," meaning “work together." Now more than ever we need to work together to solve the problems of our towns and state. 

Rob Simmons

First Selectman


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