Time for a shakeup in Old Lyme

As an unaffiliated voter in Old Lyme, the upcoming election for selectmen is particularly important.

Seeking to fund the extension of a town project, largely with state money, without a guarantee for the money from the state is putting the cart before the horse. The state has been broke for years.

Case in point: The rearranging/bump outs/sidewalks/repaving of Hartford Avenue in anticipation of state funding to connect with the Exit 70 off ramp of I-95 North (four-plus miles) for a pedestrian/bike/greenway lane was pie in the sky.

Foreseeable bad timing, as Hartford Avenue will have to be torn up again to install the upcoming sewer lines.

There are numerous other examples. The town needs more timely public knowledge dissemination about project planning, coupled with increased town hall transparency allowing government to function more smoothly. We need selectmen who will be better at minding the store. Vote common sense.

Vote Rear/Kerr Nov. 7.

Sloan Danenhower

Old Lyme

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