Democrats have record of great achievements

David Collins' column, “Never mind gun control, disarm Trump,” (Oct. 8), was well written, hopeful and inspiring. He deserves an A++! This column is now staring at me from its new home on my refrigerator door. So many of us feel exactly like the author.

I have always been so proud of what the Democrats have accomplished. My family was so grateful to FDR for bringing us Social Security. He started the Works Progress Administration that offered my Dad a job as a surveyor during the Great Depression. Many other social programs abounded.

President Harry Truman initiated the GI Bill, making it possible for veterans to attend college. President John F. Kennedy created the Peace Corps and the space program.

Peace between Israel and Egypt came into place due to President Jimmy Carter's determined effort.

Medicare/Medicaid came into the forefront under Lyndon Johnson. His greatest achievement was signing the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. This bill showed the world our country was finally a more just, kind and inclusive nation.

President Bill Clinton balanced the budget, established the Brady Bill and AmeriCorps.

President Obama saved the auto industry, reined in Osama Bin Laden; and changed medical requirements to make it easier for those seeking help with pre-existing conditions. He would have accomplished more, but the Republican Congress fought him all the way.

Claudia Shapiro


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