Time for a Day investigative report

I commend The Day for the front page prominence you gave to the report on traffic stop data showing Hispanics were disproportionately affected, “Norwich police flagged in latest statewide traffic stop analysis,” (Nov. 10). We all do have both conscious and unconscious biases that influence our behavior toward minorities. Tamara Lanier, Advisory Board member of the Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project, is quoted as asking, "How can we do better?"

We need to be educated. Some investigative reporting needs to be done. The Day has won awards for its series reporting on local issues. I'd like to see our newspaper take on bias issues and tell us how they are affecting people of color, Hispanics, Muslims, refugees and immigrants in our community.

For our democracy to work, we all need to recognize and work on our hidden biases and begin to change our thinking and behavior. More knowledge and understanding of the problems discrimination causes will help.

Astrea S. Hupfel


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