President Trump has a truth problem


Perhaps nothing is as hated as war − “War is Hell” − or as loved as truth − “The truth will set you free.”

This thinking hits home after reading the David Ignatius column, “How to protect against fake facts,”(Nov 25). 

With a little effort, facts can easily be proved or disproved (hello Google) with the real problem that people choose to believe what they want, facts notwithstanding. Give President Trump credit for taking advantage of this truth free-for-all which obliterates Ben Franklin’s “honesty is the best policy” recommendation.

Now our “dissembler-in-chief,” who has dismissed climate change as a Chinese hoax, claims the person on the legendary “Access Hollywood” tape, where Trump bragged about “grabbing women by the *****,” then later dismissed it as "locker room talk," wasn’t actually him after all.

Say what? Where’s Miriam Webster when you need her.

Jay Lustgarten


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