Don't tolerate bad behavior in silence

It seems we are hearing everyday about another act of sexual assault. It is a good thing this is coming out and that the people responsible are held accountable. We have also seen in the past year(s) racism in the form of color, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

What are we, the ordinary citizenry, to do other than to watch and listen as these behaviors unfold before us? The answer is simple, but yet difficult, as it requires each one of us to be willing to stand up and confront those who would promote this kind of offensive behavior.

How many of us are guilty of hearing some man or woman saying sexual or bigoted remarks about someone and not speaking up? I know I have heard some ethnic jokes and said nothing. Looking back, I realize I may not have agreed with the comment, but by not saying something, by remaining silent, I was promoting this behavior.

As a society we are responsible for our actions and inactions. If we want people to behave differently, we must tell them what they are doing is inappropriate and that we do not accept their conduct.

Each of us must be willing to speak up.

Darryl Sentell


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