Need some savings? Cut politicians' benefits

Concerning the Medicare Savings Program cuts.

Our governor, along with others, gave little or no thought to the impact the cuts to the Medicare Savings Program would have on the seniors in this state who, for the most part, have worked and paid into the system for many years. I worked for 56 years paying into the system, only to have the rug pulled out from under me.

The thought occurred to me that the elected officials in this state after a very few years − 10 − receive full medical benefits for the rest of their lives. I do not even know what else they receive. Why not pull that rug out from under them? After all, they were in office for a comparatively short time. I wonder how they would react?

Another statement that was made at the "town hall" on Dec. 13, was that programs need to be cut from somewhere and if it is not the seniors, then it could be programs for the children. Cutting the Medicare Savings Program for the seniors could directly contribute to their death, while cuts to children’s programs would not be responsible for their demise.

Just a little something to think about.

Karen Anne Paul

New London

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