Shameful tax plan is corporate giveaway

The Republican Party has just sold their collective souls for the proverbial “30 pieces of silver.” Shame! They praised Donald Trump as the greatest president ever. Even the most diehard of Trump supporters would have trouble digesting that one (Lest we forget that Trump is an amoral person who would trample anyone in his way). The shameful tax plan is going to give billions to corporations and wealthy individuals, including to our elected congressional members.

Who will pay for the enormous debt? The young people and those on Medicare and Social Security. This was the GOP’s plan from the start. While the average person will benefit by a few hundred dollars or a thousand, enough to buy two months’ worth of groceries. Meanwhile, Trump and congressional members will rake in millions to billions.

The worst is yet to come in the demise of our institutions such as our courts, security agencies and eventually our freedom. Again, just a reminder that Trump is a sexual predator, a crude amorphous person without scruples and whose life is one long lie. For those who supported Trump, I urge you to think again before we lose all that the good and courageous citizens past and present fought and suffered for.

Anthony Inzero


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